Videos of the day

Video of the day
5 March 2021
Videographer Orkut VPA from Ankara, Turkey - Meral Özgenç FW '20, advertizing, corporate video
Video of the day
4 March 2021
Videographer Salim Aliev from Minsk, Belarus - Мы вместе хорошо смотримся | Свадебный шорт-фильм, drone-video, reporting, wedding
Video of the day
3 March 2021
Videographer Alex Cupid from Odessa, Ukraine - TEASER. Aspire to Inspire., wedding
Video of the day
2 March 2021
Videographer Emmanuel Films from London, United Kingdom - Alex & Bethan, wedding
Video of the day
1 March 2021
Videographer Aspect  Studio Video from Bialystok, Poland - Highlight M&A, SDE, backstage, engagement, wedding
Video of the day
28 February 2021
Videographer Moodvideomaking from Naples, Italy - I PROMISE YOU | Wedding in Amalfi Coast, drone-video, engagement, event, reporting, wedding
Video of the day
27 February 2021
Videographer Bui Huy from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - Wedding Sneakpeek Phu & Ngọc | Vietnam Traditional Wedding, SDE, erotic, wedding
Video of the day
26 February 2021
Videographer Bogdan Damian from Bacau, Romania - MERCEDES-BENZ - CARAVANA AUTO-TIRIAC BACAU, advertizing, corporate video, drone-video, reporting, showreel
Video of the day
25 February 2021
Videographer Sergey Mover from Moscow, Russia - UNDERWATER, wedding
Video of the day
24 February 2021
Editors' choice
Videographer Giorgos Koukoulis from Greece, Greece - Dance with the waves, advertizing
Video of the day
23 February 2021
Videographer Nazar Bikarin from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - Wedding Showreel 2020, anniversary, drone-video, event, showreel, wedding
Video of the day
22 February 2021
Videographer Alin Țurcanu from Chisinau, Moldova - Kasandra, advertizing, erotic, event, musical video
Video of the day
21 February 2021
Videographer Wedding from Budapest, Hungary - LIMITLESS, SDE, drone-video, erotic, event, wedding
Video of the day
20 February 2021
Videographer OMEGA Studio from Odessa, Ukraine - LOVE STORY M+A, engagement, erotic, musical video
Video of the day
5 March 2021

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Number of winnings in the Battles of the week:
Videographer Carlos van Oostrum
Videographer Oneshchak Production
Videographer Juergen Holcik
Videographer Patrick M.
Videographer PK video Films
Videographer Evgeny Hollywood
Videographer Logic FreeMind
Videographer Eduard Carp
Videographer Medio Limon
Videographer GOODzyk production
Videographer Alex Olteanu
Videographer Moodvideomaking
Videographer Darius Cornean
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes
Videographer Trocin Florin|Lulu Film


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Videographer Mário JR Matos
Portugal, Aveiro
Videographer Vasiliy Borovoy
Ukraine, Kiev
Videographer Artur Monteiro
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Videographer Inseparable Film
China, Guangzhou
Videographer Hey  Productions
Portugal, Funchal
Videographer Dream Art Studio
Poland, Rzeszow